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MCL Industrial Enclosures have been supplying walk-in kiosks and enclosures to the water industry since 1977. GRP kiosks and enclosures are seen as the perfect solution for housing plant and equipment used for the treatment of both clean and dirty water.

MCL are specified as a framework supplier of choice for many of the UK’s largest water companies and also supply product independently to all the tier one and tier 2/3 contractors who build infrastructure and supply ancillary plant and equipment.

Kiosks and enclosures range from the single door electrical cabinet up to enclosures as long as 9 metres – supported with features such as brick and stone effects, anti graffiti textured finishes, removable transoms, partitioning walls, electrical installations, structural bunded floors, removable cills, removable sliding roofs, ventilation points and gas tight enclosures.

In answer to the strong demand from our customers for ‘security rated’ kiosks, MCL have developed the  Securbilt™ range of kiosks and are amongst the first in the UK to supply the water industry GRP kiosks, including complete GRP single and double door sets, to the LPCB LPS1175 – SR3 security rating and is featured in the ‘Red Book’. The Securbilt™  range can incorporate optional special features which allow the customer design flexibility whilst maintaining LPCB certification.

MCL’s RapidSTACK  access chamber system is rapidly becoming the preferred underground chamber solution for the water and waste water industries. When compared to traditional brick and concrete type chambers previously installed, RapidSTACK  sectional chambers provide a cost effective, whole of life solution for housing pressure relief valves, water metering or larger bespoke applications. RapidSTACK`s patented high strength certified design can withstand both vertical and horizontal ground compression load pressures to 12.5 and 40 tonnes.

RapidSTACK™ chambers provide a highly cost effective, quick and simple way to build a standard chamber construction and the installer can also retrofit the chamber around existing pipelines if required. Unlike traditional chambers historically used, the RapidSTACK™ chambers do not require semi skilled labour during the installation process, simply stack each chamber ring together to create desired chamber depth. Visit for more details.