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MCL have a long history of working within the transportation sector dating back to the 1950’s when EB(Staffs) supplied body panel kits for the Debonair and the Morgan Plus4Plus motor cars.  Today MCL specialise in the development and supply of interior panels for the rail industry as well as exterior panels for off-road vehicles and engine components.

MCL’s RapidSTACK™ chamber systems are used extensively within both rail and tram applications and installed in the heart of many of the UK’s major cities and towns as well as the long distance rail networks. Specific applications include: UTX crossings, fibre optic cable jointing, electrical equipment and other bespoke access chamber solutions. The RapidSTACK™ range of chambers are manufactured, tested and certified to a high quality standards required to suit the transport environment.

RapidSTACK+™ `frameless` B125 (12.5t) chamber system is used extensively in stations and on platforms for communication access chambers, and RapidSTACK  chambers are sited within locations where much heavier duty D400 loadings are required.