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MCL’s RapidSTACK+™  chamber, cover and pole housing systems are used extensively throughout the UK and Europe for traffic signals, street lighting and also general duct access applications. With its unique anti-slip design composite cover, RapidSTACK+™ chambers are incredibly quick and easy to install, with no requirement for either a galvanised steel frame to support the cover or a concrete surround to maintain the chambers integrity.

The RapidSTACK+™ frameless system has been independently certified to withstand compressive loads in excess of 12.5 tonnes. All chamber sizes up to 1200mm are suitable for lifting and installation by a single person.

Designed primarily for complementary use with the RapidSTACK+™ system, the Centurion pole retention socket is a highly cost effective and innovative alternative to more traditional expensive steel pole housings and being manufactured from GRP is lightweight and will not rust.  Allowing ducting to be connected from any direction, the two-piece system allows for the replacement of pole and top sections damaged by vehicle impact without the need to remove the main housing. Visit for details.