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MCL’s RapidSTACK™ range of underground access chambers, the ideal solution for cable, ductwork and positioning of plant and equipment, are extensively used within the UK and European renewable energy markets for applications such as solar power, wind farms and geothermal heat pump and manifold installations.

Available in a wide range of chamber sizes, from 450mm to 3500mm, the RapidSTACK™ range of chambers have a unique patented and flexible design which provides a perfect internal housing solution for all sizes of plant and equipment and manifold systems that our customers need to install. Visit to view the range of products manufactured and supplied by MCL Infrastructure.

MCL Industrial Enclosures have been supplying kiosks and enclosures to the renewable energy market sector for over 25 years. Designed to house specialist control equipment for hydro electric and wind turbine installations, MCL’s bespoke range of kiosks can be supplied either in standard green finish or a brick or stone textured finish to match the surrounding environment. Visit to view the complete range of meter box, housing and kiosk solutions.