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MCL Infrastructure’s range of underground access systems includes the RapidSTACK™ Highways Communication Chambers, which are fully compliant with the current specification for Highway Works series 1500.  RapidSTACK™ Highways chambers provide a cost-effective, fast installation solution to all specified jointing chambers found within the latest highways specification MCX0815.

Due to the rigidity of the materials used, the RapidSTACK™ Highways Chambers are superior in resisting deformation both vertically and horizontally.  RapidSTACK™ Highways Chamber also meets the latest HA104/2 requirement for a full 76mm width bedding area for the cover and frame.

MCL also provide high quality, industry-leading solutions for all types of covers and frames to suit each highway application. The specified, A chamber, 4-way triangular hinged, locking and ‘badged’ `Motorway Communication` ductile cover and frame is manufactured to BS EN 124 and can withstand both a D400 (40t) or B125 (12.5t) compression load.

Including popular Highway Chamber sizes A, B, C and loop box, MCL’s chambers can be supplied either fully assembled, complete with chamber furniture or flat-packed which the customer assembles to their requirements and offers both cost and storage savings.

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The innovative and patented Radlock Highway carriageway system, in conjunction with MCL, has been thoroughly put through its paces in a series of test track and laboratory tests at the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) and has been recommended for use as a temporary road plate system throughout the Transport for London Road Network and the rest of the United Kingdom.   The system incorporates a structural composite road plate and integrated Radlock Series 15 locking mechanism, which holds the road plate in position over a trench allowing traffic to pass safely along the road.  Visit for more details.

The Radlock Highway footpath system is designed to safely bridge openings in footpaths and maintain pedestrian and light vehicle access. The system incorporates a reinforced structural composite board and integrated Radlock Series 12 locking mechanism, which holds the board in place. Visit for more details.