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MCL manufacture the UK’s largest and most comprehensive range of domestic and industrial and commercial meter boxes and kiosks for gas meter installations. The complete Mitras™ gas meter box range is specified and approved for use by either National Grid or other national and independent gas transporters for new domestic meter installations.

Mitras™ meter boxes comply with BS8499 and are available in many different designs including recessed, surface mounted, semi-buried and floor standing.

The patented Gas Care Services GC™ range of standard meter housings are designed to house gas meter installations from U16 meters up to U160/compact rigs and modules and comply with GISPRS35:2011.  Standard products in green 14C39 are available ex-stock with other colour options manufactured to order.

Larger gas rigs are housed in the GC™ Walk-In range of kiosks, which also comply with GISPRS35:2011 and feature explosion relief roofs as standard. A wide variety of standard and non-standard sizes and finishes are available, with colour options manufactured to suit individual customer requirements.

The GCG housings range accommodates a range of gas regulator stations and come complete with a unique glass reinforced base which is concreted into the ground during installation.  Visit for the products and more detail.

MCL Infrastructure RapidSTACK™ range of chambers is used extensively throughout the UK to house large gas valve installations. Safe, quick and easy to install, they do not require a concrete surround and can be supplied for both B125 and D400 loadings. Individual GRP sections are lightweight and easy to handle, enabling a one-man installation.  Visit for further detail.

The innovative and patented Radlock Highway carriageway system, in conjunction with MCL, has been thoroughly put through its paces in a series of test track and laboratory tests at the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) and has been recommended for use as a temporary road plate system throughout the Transport for London Road Network and the rest of the United Kingdom.   The system incorporates a structural composite road plate and integrated Radlock Series 15 locking mechanism, which holds the road plate in position over a trench allowing traffic to pass safely along the road.  Visit for more details.

The Radlock Highway footpath system is designed to safely bridge openings in footpaths and maintain pedestrian and light vehicle access. The system incorporates a reinforced structural composite board and integrated Radlock Series 12 locking mechanism, which holds the board in place. Visit for more details.