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Used extensively in the electricity sector, MCL’s RapidSTACK™ access chambers are typically installed within compression and power stations for HV and LV cable draw pits. RapidSTACK™ jointing and turning chambers are available from 450mm to 3500mm and due to the unique design, each chamber’s sections are interchangeable, accommodating most multiple duct pipe entries.

Taking into consideration much deeper chamber installations, the RapidSTACK™ chambers are pressure load tested both vertically and horizontally. The Rapidstack™ chambers are also temperature tested to -40 to + 140℃ with all relevant test data available through

MCL is the home of the Mitras™ range of BS8567 compliant electricity meter boxes, the industry’s choice.  Recessed or surface mounted, for single phase or a 3-phase supply, MCL has the largest range of specified and approved meter boxes available in the UK.  Visit for details of the Mitras™ meter boxes and to purchase from a complete range of meter box repair items.

For larger electricity installations, MCL’s IC standard range of housings are readily available, however MCL Industrial Enclosures can manufacture much larger kiosks, 9m by 3m for example, and can provide a variety of fit-out options such as electrical supply, lighting and air conditioning.  Visit for further information.

The innovative and patented Radlock Highway carriageway system, in conjunction with MCL, has been thoroughly put through its paces in a series of test track and laboratory tests at the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) and has been recommended for use as a temporary road plate system throughout the Transport for London Road Network and the rest of the United Kingdom.   The system incorporates a structural composite road plate and integrated Radlock Series 15 locking mechanism, which holds the road plate in position over a trench allowing traffic to pass safely along the road.  Visit for more details.

The Radlock Highway footpath system is designed to safely bridge openings in footpaths and maintain pedestrian and light vehicle access. The system incorporates a reinforced structural composite board and integrated Radlock Series 12 locking mechanism, which holds the board in place. Visit for more details.