Sector Security Security

MCL’s experience and knowledge of supply over 25 years within the large kiosk and housing markets has supported the design and development of a new range of Security Rated products for the utility and service industries.

Sector Renewable energy Renewable Energy

MCL’s RapidSTACK™ range of underground access chambers, the ideal solution for cable, ductwork and positioning of plant and equipment, are extensively used within the UK and European renewable energy markets for applications such as solar power, wind farms and geothermal heat pump and manifold installations.

Sector Electricty Electricity

Used extensively in the electricity sector, MCL’s RapidSTACK™ access chambers are typically installed within compression and power stations for HV and LV cable draw pits. RapidSTACK™ jointing and turning chambers are available from 450mm to 3500mm and due to the unique design, each chamber’s sections are interchangeable, accommodating most multiple duct pipe entries.

Sector Gas Gas

MCL manufacture the UK’s largest and most comprehensive range of domestic and industrial and commercial meter boxes and kiosks for gas meter installations. The complete Mitras™ gas meter box range is specified and approved for use by either National Grid or other national and independent gas transporters for new domestic meter installations.

Sector transport Transport

MCL have a long history of working within the transportation sector dating back to the 1950’s when EB(Staffs) supplied body panel kits for the Debonair and the Morgan Plus4Plus motor cars.  Today MCL specialise in the development and supply of interior panels for the rail industry as well as exterior panels for off-road vehicles and engine components.

Sector traffic signal street lightning Traffic Signals/Street Lighting

MCL’s RapidSTACK+™  chamber, cover and pole housing systems are used extensively throughout the UK and Europe for traffic signals, street lighting and also general duct access applications. With its unique anti-slip design composite cover, RapidSTACK+™ chambers are incredibly quick and easy to install, with no requirement for either a galvanised steel frame to support the cover or a concrete surround to maintain the chambers integrity.

Sector Water Water

MCL Industrial Enclosures have been supplying walk-in kiosks and enclosures to the water industry since 1977. GRP kiosks and enclosures are seen as the perfect solution for housing plant and equipment used for the treatment of both clean and dirty water.

Sector Construction Construction

Available from an extensive network of builders’ merchants and distributors, MCL’s Mitras™ meter box and Gas Care GC™ range of gas and electrical kiosks offers the UK’s largest and most comprehensive range of specified and approved housing designs and features to suit all types of domestic, industrial and commercial gas and electricity meter installations for new and replacement construction projects.

Sector Highways Highways

MCL Infrastructure’s range of underground access systems includes the RapidSTACK™ Highways Communication Chambers, which are fully compliant with the current specification for Highway Works series 1500.  RapidSTACK™ Highways chambers provide a cost-effective, fast installation solution to all specified jointing chambers found within the latest highways specification MCX0815.

Sector Communication Communications

MCL’s RapidSTACK™ and the patented ‘frameless’ RapidSTACK+™ chamber systems provide a highly cost effective total access chamber and GRP composite cover solution for both the UK’s and Europe’s telecommunications sectors.  Applications include CATV and fibre optic broadband to the home, business and infrastructure networks.