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Manufacturing Facilities

All of our group operations embrace modern manufacturing techniques and principles making us lean, responsive, efficient and always ensuring we meet the needs of our customers. A good old fashioned desire to please our customers will always remain the key objective and driving factor within our business.
Geoff Selby

Operations Director, MCL Composites Ltd.

MCL Composites, based in Biddulph Moor, specialises in the compression moulding and resin transfer moulding of utility and infrastructure products as well as working with customers on turnkey solutions for their own product requirements. It is the home of the UK’s market leading Mitras™ range of domestic meter boxes, the RapidStack™ range of underground access chamber systems and the Radlock Highway Systems™ road plates, footway boards and ramps. The business has extensive CNC, painting, finishing and assembly facilities and is able to offer finished, tested, tier 2/3 assemblies for the subsequent customer fitting into train carriages, off road vehicles and electrical /electronic and lighting equipment.

MCL Industrial Enclosures produces larger kiosks and housings primarily for the utility markets of water, gas, and electricity. Produced in our new facilities in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, utilising a number of different low to medium volume manufacturing techniques, the Gas Care Services, GC™ kiosk and housing range goes from a small GC2 kiosk for larger houses to large walk-in housings suitable for hospitals and industrial premises.

As well as offering both a standard and bespoke range of housings to many different industrial, construction and energy markets, MCL Industrial Enclosures can also supply complete LPCB 1175 Security Rating 3 and 4 full GRP Housings, incorporating certified features for GRP doors, ventilation grills and duct entries, removable and sliding roofs in a number of external finishes including smooth high gloss, anti-vandal textured and simulated brick & stone.

MCL Compounds have the capacity to manufacture over 6,000 tonnes of polyester dough moulding compound for its sister company MCL Composites, for use in over 40% of the MCL groups range of products.

MCL employs experienced product and tool designers with extensive design and development experience working with tier one customers within the moulding, transport, automotive and construction sectors. We offer DFM, FEA, DFMEA design and development processes including 2D/3D CAD modelling services on behalf of internal and external customers for tooling and product development and schematic illustrations for housings, access chambers and covers.