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Environmental Policies

Our aim is to minimise reliance on natural resources and drive to reduce our impact on the environment and our surroundings.
Geoff Selby

Supply Chain Director

In carrying out the environmental policy, MCL will strive to achieve, and will also encourage others to achieve, the following objectives:

  • To operate approved environmental management system (EMS) throughout the group.
  • To support continuous environmental improvement by establishing demanding, achievable and measurable performance targets that will be reviewed and reported on an annual basis.
  • To reduce energy and resource consumption by utilising effective and efficient working methods, processes and practices consistent with best practice.
  • To implement a systematic waste minimisation programme in order to achieve objectives and targets for reducing waste, avoiding the use of terminal waste treatment and dealing with it, as far as possible, at source.
  • To avoid the use of toxic materials in business operations, services and products.
  • To prevent, minimise or render harmless releases of pollutants arising from business operations and services.
  • To prevent community impacts associated with noise or vibration from our business activities.
  • To encourage modes of transport, examining the operation of our vehicles and minimising our environmental impact.
  • To integrate environmental management into training programmes and job descriptions for all employees.
  • To keep abreast of relevant technical and legislative developments in order to continue operating in accordance with current best practice.
  • To promote the group’s objectives and to respond positively to enquiries and suggestions from both inside and outside the group.
  • To select and work with corporate partners, suppliers and contractors to improve their environmental performance towards achieving compliance with this policy.
  • To regularly monitor, audit and review our environmental programme to ensure continuous improvement, and identify examples of best practice that may be shared throughout the group.

The Policies and their implementation are reviewed annually at Senior Management level, against the changing business and regulatory needs to ensure that they remain relevant and appropriate to the business.